Planting Seeds

Building Your First Private Practice

Program Overview

Are you a licensed therapist who is thinking about starting your first private practice?  Planting Seeds is an intensive, hands-on program designed to help you get your therapy business up and running from “idea” to “action” in a month and a half!

For six weeks, you will meet with Jennie Steinberg, the owner of Through the Woods Therapy Center, who has successfully launched two private practices (one in Boston and one in Los Angeles) and expanded her current practice into a thriving therapy group.  For an hour each week, Jennie will guide you through the steps of getting the basics up and running, and in each intervening week, you’ll be assigned 8-15 hours of homework tasks.

Also included in the cost, you will receive one 30 minute business coaching session with Jennie, which you can schedule any time between the beginning of the program and 1 month after its end. (If you need additional coaching, you can always book more time after the program.)

Round 2 of Planting Seeds will be launching in January and will run six Saturdays at 10 AM – perfect for helping you follow through on your New Years Resolution to start your practice!  This program is designed to be affordable in order to be accessible to new business owners, and is offered for the exciting low rate of $300!  Spots will be limited, so we look forward to seeing you there!!



Here’s what people have to say about the program:

Charlene C.

“This is really the perfect crash course for starting a practice, especially if you’re looking to recruit private-pay clientele. Webinar content is presented in a well organized manner, with accompanying homework designed to further refine your professional identity and facilitate your transformation from clinician to business owner. Jennie delivers information in a very user-friendly and relatable way that makes the process a lot less intimidating than you might imagine, and even helps you believe you can accomplish your business goals. I’d highly recommend this webinar series for anyone seeking to enter the world of private practice!”



Mina G.

“I am so happy that I was able to participate in Jennie’s Planting Seeds Workshop. I was overwhelmed with the process of starting a private practice and did not know where or how to start. The workshop was structured (prior to each session an outline of topics to be discussed were provided), practical (easy to follow steps/directions, worksheets, homework assignments), and incredibly informative (sessions covered a range of topics from business basics, to websites and marketing). More importantly, a community was created via the weekly meetings where participants could ask questions and support one another. Jennie is warm, knowledgeable and promptly responded to my emails, and questions. The 30 minute coaching session was personalized and very useful. I would recommend anyone starting out to take the workshop!”


Jamie Kuhle

Jaime K.

“Jennie set up a comprehensive program to set me on the path to starting the private practice of my dreams one week at a time! She asked wonderful questions to help me determine my niche and help me get past some of my fears while getting me started on the practical steps towards launching a practice. I am now building clientele and am going to be ready to leave the agency setting soon. I highly recommend her program to anyone who has been dreaming of wanting to start their own practice but felt that something was standing in the way of taking the steps to make it happen.”



Planting Seeds Round 2 Curriculum

Week 1 – Developing a Vision and Beginning to Challenge Limiting Beliefs

Saturday, January 6, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • Introduction to the program
  • What it means to be a business person
  • The #1 rule of starting a new business
  • Developing a vision for your business
  • Finding an office

Week 2 – Money Mindset and Getting the Basics in Order

Saturday, January 13, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • Determining who you will serve in your practice
  • Understanding why we must charge a decent amount
  • How to set your fee
  • How to decide whether to take insurance
  • How to write your new client paperwork

Week 3 – Demystifying Marketing

Saturday, January 20, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • How to set up and maintain your files
  • Understanding the two types of marketing
  • Why therapists are built to be amazing marketers
  • How to schedule marketing time without burning out

Week 4 – Online Marketing

Saturday, January 27, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • All about online therapist directories
  • Building a website, and introduction to special guest Kat Love from Empathysites
  • How therapists can use review-based sites like Yelp, and whether we should
  • The benefits of ongoing content creation
  • The limits of using social media for marketing

Free Gift: Website Planning Session with Kat Love from Empathysites

Saturday, January 27, 2018 – 11 AM PST

On week 4, after your hour with Jennie, Kat Love of will lead you in a Website Planning Workshop.  Kat is a website designer and digital strategist for therapists, and they have created this hands-on program to help you decrease feelings of website-related overwhelm. Kat will help demystify online marketing by walking you through the steps to build your website copy.  This one-hour webinar, available exclusively to Planting Seeds participants, will include:

  • Where to start when writing your website copy
  • How to come across as authentic rather than salesy
  • How to decrease feelings of overwhelm and stress when building your site
  • How to find the time in your schedule to work on this project

Week 5 – Community Marketing

Saturday, February 10, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • The importance of networking with others in the community
  • The difference between networking with therapists and networking with other folks
  • The pros and cons of an elevator pitch
  • How to use community talks to attract clients into your practice

Week 6 – What to Do With Clients Once You Have Them

Saturday, February 17, 2018 – 10 AM PST

  • How and why to track your inquiries
  • The #1 way to turn your callers into clients
  • What to say to a prospective client
  • How to increase client retention



Who can benefit from Planting Seeds?

Planting Seeds was designed for licensed therapists who are starting their first private practice.  Those who will get the most out of it are motivated, ready to apply the skills they learn, and willing to follow along, step by step, as we go through the six weeks of the program.

I already have a private practice but I want to improve it. Is this program right for me?

We will certainly be going over many skills that you will find useful, like marketing, networking, and increasing client retention.  However, some of the skills will be things you will find redundant, such as finding an office and setting your fee.  Whether you will benefit from this program depends on where you are in your private practice journey.  Review the curriculum above to see if it feels like a fit for you.  If it seems too basic, you might consider booking some private business coaching with Jennie instead.

I’m pre-licensed.  Can I take this course?

You can absolutely register for Planting Seeds and follow our curriculum, but whether you’re able to put the steps into action will be determined by your state’s license regulations.  For example, in California, pre-licensed interns and associates are not allowed to pay their own expenses (such as office rent) and have limited say over logistics such as whether they take insurance, what fee they charge their clients, etc.

If you are close to licensure, you may find the information useful, but wind up frustrated that you can’t put a lot of the steps into action until your license posts, as this course is designed to be done hands-on and in real time.  In that case, you might consider waiting for a future round of Planting Seeds, and register once you are licensed.

What if I can’t attend the webinars at the time they’re offered?

This course is at its best when attended live.  That being said, most people will have a conflict with at least one of the sessions.  Crowdcast, the interface used for the program, offers a replay available to all registrants, immediately available when the session ends.  (So if the session is from 10-11 AM PST, the replay will be available at 11:01.)  In order to have enough time to complete the week’s assignments, it is recommended that you watch the replay as soon as you are able to do so if you are unable to attend live.

How much will this course cost me, and what is included?

This program is designed to be affordable in order to be accessible to new business owners.  For this reason, the program’s full cost is $300.  The following will be included with your tuition:

  • Six weekly one-hour webinars with Jennie Steinberg
  • 30 minutes of 1-on-1 business coaching with Jennie Steinberg
  • Tailored homework assignments to set you up for success
  • Business development forms available only through Planting Seeds:
    • 30 Great Ways to Market Your Practice
    • Fee setting worksheet
    • Business vision worksheet
    • Questions to ask when subletting an office
  • A special hour-long website planning workshop with Kat Love of Empathysites
  • Promotional offers from partners, to be announced during the program!
  • Wrap party for participants in Los Angeles
  • Access to exclusive Planting Seeds alumni Facebook group

What if I want more support?

Your program registration fee includes 30 minutes of 1-on-1 business coaching with Jennie.  This is best used at any point during the program when you feel you are struggling with an assignment or feeling anxiety about building your practice.  If you need additional personalized support, you may contact Jennie to schedule additional business coaching.

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