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One-on-One Support to Help Your Therapy Practice Thrive

business coaching

Jennie Steinberg, the owner of Through the Woods Therapy Center, has founded two therapy practices and made them flourish!  When she lived in Boston, she had a thriving part-time practice that supplemented an agency job, and when she relocated home to Los Angeles, she took the plunge and dove in full-time.  She currently owns a group practice in Downtown Los Angeles, where she supervises interns who she has coached to growing caseloads of their own. Calling on these experiences, Jennie is passionate about sharing the things she has learned about successful therapy business ownership.  She has developed a training program called Planting Seeds, which is designed to meet the needs of therapists who are brand new to being their own boss, and also offers one-on-one business coaching services to help you get your head in the game, manage your business in a way that lets you be your most therapeutic self, tackle barriers, and overcome limiting beliefs.

What can I get out of business coaching?

Here are some of the therapy business concerns Jennie can help you with:

  • Effective and authentic marketing strategies
  • Developing a strategy for turning callers into clients
  • Feeling more in control of your numbers
  • Challenging limiting beliefs, and learning to trust that you are enough
  • Reconciling your desire to help with your need to support yourself
  • Revisiting your fee, taking insurance, and offering sliding scales, so that you feel confident about the money piece
  • Overcoming anxieties associated with the financial rollercoaster of business ownership
  • Feeling stuck and uninspired in your work
  • Evaluating risks and challenging yourself

What is the cost, and how long will it take?

Jennie charges $250 for one hour of business coaching by telephone.  It’s important to Jennie that you feel you are getting good value out of your business coaching time, so she offers the following guarantee: If you feel dissatisfied within the first 10 minutes of your first coaching session, you may end the call at no cost to you. How much business coaching you need will depend on the complexity of what you are seeking to untangle.  If have one fairly straightforward question, such as whether your fees are appropriate given your practice model and lifestyle, it can probably be answered in one session.  If you’re trying to untangle a web of questions about whether you are enough and whether your services are worthy of full-fee clients, it’s likely to take several meetings.  You purchase one hour at a time, and there is no commitment.

How do I schedule an appointment?

Contact Jennie by email or by telephone at 213-212-3093.  You may also use the form on the contact page of the Through the Woods Therapy Center website.

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