Strength-Based Therapy


We believe that growth and change start with what’s already going well for you. Because of this philosophy, we want to help you tap into your strengths to help you feel better and make changes in your life!

All of the therapists at Through the Woods Therapy Center practice from a strength-based perspective. What this means is that we believe it’s our job to help you mobilize the strengths and resiliencies you already have to overcome the challenges you’re facing and the pain you feel. We’re not reinventing the wheel – we’re working with the fantastic stuff you already bring to the table.

If you’ve been in therapy before (or seen therapists on television), this may sound unconventional to you. A lot of the therapy field is pathologizing – that is, full of people who want to tell you how you are wrong or broken. But we don’t think you’re broken. We think you’re human, beautifully imperfect, and doing the best you can.

This doesn’t mean things can’t change. On the contrary, we believe in the “paradoxical theory of change,” which says that the best way to make improvements in your life is to start by accepting yourself as you are. Because we believe that you are the expert in your life, we are committed to developing therapy goals that are aligned with your own goals for yourself. We don’t have an agenda of our own – we are here to help you tap into your best self and live the life you’re seeking.

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