About Us

At Through the Woods Therapy Center, we offer strength-based individual therapy services for teenagers and adults of all genders and cultural backgrounds. Our clients range from students to busy professionals to entertainment industry freelancers. Here are some of the concerns our clients bring in:

  • A sense of being “stuck”
  • Perfectionism, feelings of shame, and the hustle to feel worthy
  • Major life changes and transitions
  • Relationships with partners, friends, and family members
  • Oppression related to minority status
  • Difficulties with self-compassion and self-esteem

Please see below for more information about some of our favorite areas of focus.

  • Strength Based Therapy
    Strength Based Therapy

    We believe that growth and change start with what’s already going well for you. Because of this philosophy, we want to help you tap into your strengths to help you feel better and make changes in your life! All of the therapists at Through the Woods Therapy Center practice from a strength-based perspective. What this means is that we believe it’s our job to help you mobilize the strengths and resiliencies you already have to overcome the challenges you’re facing and the pain you feel.

    For more information about strength-based therapy, click here.

  • Identity Journeys
    Identity Journey

    “Who am I and where am I going?” If these are the questions you’re asking, you’re on an identity journey – figuring out who and where you are and who and where you want to be. These questions seem so intangible, but they can weigh you down.

    For more information about identity journeys, click here.

  • Building Healthy Relationships

    We understand how painful it can be when you and your partner are struggling to communicate effectively in your relationship. We believe that by exploring your emotional selves, deepening your understanding of your partner, and developing open communication, it can get better.

    For more information about relationship therapy, click here.

  • LGBT+ Affirmative
    LGBTQ+ Affirmitive

    All of our therapists are LGBT-affirmative. This differs from being LGBT-friendly, which means “accepting” your sexual orientation or gender identity. Being affirmative, conversely, means that we move beyond acceptance and approach our work with members of gender, sexual, and relationship minorities (including kinky and poly people) from the perspective that your experiences, families, and identities are equal in value to those of your heterosexual and cisgender counterparts. We also understand that heteronormative standards don’t apply to every relationship or individual.

    For more information about our philosophy of working with gender, sexual, and relationship minorities, click here.

  • Feminist Perspective
    Feminist Perspective

    Feminism is an issue for all genders, and it tackles the limitations that affect everyone. It’s not about women who hate men – it’s about the gender roles and expectations imposed on all of us and the ways that holds us all back.

    For more information about how feminism informs the work we do with all genders, click here.

  • Culturally Competent
    Culturally Competent

    Oppression is a real force in the world around us. Even if you are not subjected to overt acts of violence or verbal assault, you may be exhausted from the day-to-day experience of the assumptions people make about you. Microaggressions – that is, the hundreds of small, daily ways that people respond to, talk to, or treat you because of your race, sex, gender expression, age, disability status, or other minority category – take a toll.

    For more information about how we work with diversity and different cultures, click here.

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