Feminist Perspective

Feminist Therapy

Feminism is an issue for all genders, and it tackles the limitations that affect everyone. It’s not about women who hate men – it’s about the gender roles and expectations imposed on all of us and the ways that holds us all back.

It’s the belief that women are people who are entitled to equality. If you are a woman who feels unheard in the workplace, struggles with her appearance, faces family pressure to get married and start a family, is tired of street harassment, and hates being called “crazy” when she has emotions, our therapists understand and are here to help.

If you are a man who has tampered down on any feelings other than “happy” and “angry,” who feels unallowed to grieve when faced with life challenges, who hates being asked if he’s “babysitting” when he watches his children, and who wants more freedom of expression, our therapists understand and are here to help.

If you are a transgender or non-binary person navigating the sticky web of your identity, tired of people telling you how you should act or dress, exhausted by daily microaggressions (and sometimes macroaggressions!), and craving the freedom to be your authentic self, our therapists understand and are here to help.

According to Brene Brown’s research, the biggest shame trigger in women is body image, and the biggest shame trigger in men is weakness. All of this is related to feminism.

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