Culturally Competent

Culturally Competent

Oppression is a real force in the world around us. Even if you are not subjected to overt acts of violence or verbal assault, you may be exhausted from the day-to-day experience of the assumptions people make about you. Microaggressions – that is, the hundreds of small, daily ways that people respond to, talk to, or treat you because of your race, sex, gender expression, age, disability status, or other minority category – take a toll.

We serve people of all cultural backgrounds, and understand that your experience of your culture is unique. We will never try to explain your own racial, ethnic, or national background to you. On the contrary, we want you to educate us about what it is like to walk through the world in your body. We will never deny the reality of your lived experiences.

Culture is also more than just the color of your skin. It’s the family, part of the world, or even part of the country where you grew up. It’s the school you went to and the professional industry you’re in. It’s the slang you learned from your friends, and the core values you’ve collected as you’ve walked through this world. It’s the way your unique life experiences have infused themselves into your bones.

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