Building Healthy Relationships

healthy relationships

You and your partner love each other.  You want to be supportive and enjoy each other’s company.  But something happens, and you keep finding yourselves arguing… probably about time, money, sex, mess, or kids.  But is that what you’re really arguing about, underneath it all?

Most couples coming to therapy say that their biggest problem is communication.  We understand that it’s more complex than that – because chances are, you and your partner are communicating a lot.  If you’re yelling, you’re communicating.  If you’re giving each other dirty looks, you’re communicating.  Even if you’re giving each other the silent treatment, you’re communicating.

If you and your partner love each other but feel stuck, what you are probably struggling with, under the quest for the right words, is emotional attunement.  Like all human beings, you and your partner are biologically hard-wired for connection, and when your relationship with your partner feels under threat, you respond in a primal, self-protective way.  In other words: fight, flight, or freeze.

We help people in relationships to listen to their partner’s emotions, and respond in a loving and compassionate way.  Even healthy couples argue sometimes, but we can help you learn to fight better so that it resolves quickly and creates more understanding, closeness, and security.

We honor, affirm, and work with all kinds of relationships, including heterosexual relationships, childless by choice couples, blended families, same-sex couples, gender diverse couples, poly relationships, mixed orientation marriages, and kink lifestylers.

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