“They tried to bury us.
They didn’t know we were seeds.”

-Mexican Proverb

About Us

Through the Woods Therapy Center was founded in 2015 by Jennie Steinberg, LMFT, LPCC. We are a group of strength-based therapists who believe that growth and change come from building a strong relationship with our clients and helping them to build on their unique skills, assets, and gifts. We understand that it takes an enormous amount of courage to reach out and ask for support, and we strive to make that process as comfortable as possible.
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Strength Based Therapy

We help you to tap into your internal and external strengths and use what’s going right in your life to help you overcome your challenges.

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Identity Journeys

We work collaboratively with you to search for answers to the existential question that defines many people’s lives: “Who am I and where am I going?”.

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LGBTQ+ Affirmative

We affirm the lives and relationships of everyone under the gender, sexual, and relationship minority umbrella.

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Feminist Perspective

We believe that the gender binary keeps people of all genders stuck, and that you can be your most authentic self when you challenge those ideas.

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Culturally Competent

We are not colorblind, because your culture plays a large role in shaping your lens. We want to validate and help you make meaning of your lived experiences.

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Many of our therapists love to speak to groups of people about subjects ranging from self-care to stress to sexuality, and we’d love to see you at one of these talks.

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Jennie Steinberg

Jennie Steinberg, M.S.

I am the founder and owner of Through the Woods Therapy Center. I enjoy helping my clients to unpack shame, be more assertive, navigate challenging relationships (with others and themselves), and wade through the mess of the unknown. I am LGBT+ assertive (including all gender, sexual, and relationship minorities), informed by the feminist notion that all genders can do all things, and sensitive to cultural issues. I work from a strength-based perspective, which means that I help you uncover the hidden possibilities of the things that you already do well.

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Ariel Hirsch, M.A.

Ariel Hirsch, M.A.

I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern and I work with adults and adolescents struggling with anxiety, depression, relationship/family issues, times of transition, and trauma. My background is feminist and strength-based, and grounded in the idea that therapy is at its best when the therapeutic relationship is strong. I am informed by Gestalt, somatic, and mindfulness principles, which means I work with you in the present moment to explore different ways that you can connect with yourself, either by paying attention to the stories and thoughts running through your mind or what your body may be trying to say. I honor your individuality and your unique way of connecting to the world, while taking into consideration the impact of personal history as well as the larger political and societal context.

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Kailey Hockridge

Kailey Hockridge, M.A., Ed.M.

I am a Professional Clinical Counselor Registered Intern and I work with adolescents and adults from a collaborative, authentic approach that I adjust to meet your needs. My goal is to support you as you explore the things in your life that may feel uncomfortable or even impossible, while helping you to recognize and foster the pieces of yourself that get you through each day. Therapy is a space where you can share your experience while being heard and appreciated as you are. Together we will reflect on your unique strengths, identities, and obstacles to create steps towards change or growth that feel not only tolerable, but also possible.

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