“The only way out is through.”

Strength-Based Therapy in Downtown Los Angeles

About Us

Through the Woods Therapy Center was founded in 2015 by Jennie Steinberg, LMFT, LPCC. We are a group of therapists who are strength-based, which means we believe that growth and change come from building a strong relationship with our clients and helping them to build on their unique skills, assets, and gifts.  We come from a feminist, LGBTQ+ affirmative, culturally aware perspective, and principles of social justice inform our work with clients.

It takes an enormous amount of courage to reach out and ask for support, and we strive to make that process as comfortable as possible.

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Strength Based Therapy

We help you to tap into your internal and external strengths and use what’s going right in your life to help you overcome your challenges.

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Identity Journeys

We work collaboratively with you to search for answers to the existential question that defines many people’s lives: “Who am I and where am I going?”.

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Building Healthy Relationships

We provide individual and couples therapy to help you to communicate better and improve the health of your relationship.

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LGBTQ+ Affirmative

We affirm the lives and relationships of everyone under the gender, sexual, and relationship minority umbrella.

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Feminist Perspective

We believe that the gender binary keeps people of all genders stuck, and that you can be your most authentic self when you challenge those ideas.

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Culturally Competent

We are not colorblind, because your culture plays a large role in shaping your lens. We want to validate and help you make meaning of your lived experiences.

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